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Choosing the CORRECT
Chaffer & Sieve
For Your working Conditions & Applicacations
We offer Loewen Chaffers & Sieves which are available in a complete range of original finger styles and air foil designs. Each option provides effective performance in certain crops and conditions. Which is the right one for you? The following are general guidelines to help narrow down the choices. For specific part numbers and pricing call 800-851-3014.
The unique, curved Air Foil louver design directs air virtually straight up, creating a cushion that floats material towards the back of the combine. High air volume provides a clean sample and helps to remove straw and stems. The adjustable air foil performs well in all crops, including grasses and small seeds.

Note: Not recommended for harvesting high moisture corn as silks may catch on fingers and cause plugging.
This non-adjustable top chaffer is pre-set for maximum performance under normal conditions. Best results in cereals and large seed crops. Loewen Rigid Air Foil Chaffers also feature welded in dividers which add rigidity and strength, and retain even distribution on hillside conditions.

Note: As chaffer is non-adjustable, control is limited to fan speed only.
Top chaffer is recommended for small grains, rice, flax or small seed. Bottom sieve is used in corn and beans.
Designed for corn, beans and most other large seed crops. Less plugging with cobs and debris will occur with this chaffer.
This bottom sieve is used in most crops.
This bottom sieve is available in a variety of hole sizes and is specific to the crop being harvested. For use in crops from alfalfa and clover to beans and corn.
4 Reasons To Choose
Loewen Chaffers & Sieves
Loewen Chaffers & Sieves feature a number of improvements and innovations which provide durability, ease of adjustment, and repairability. Louvers are manufactured with the same galvanized material as OEM for rigidity and rust-free operation.
Full Rangeof Styles
Fine tune and increase the performance of your combine with a complete line of chaffers and sieves including: Blunt Finger, Short Finger, Long Finger, Adjustable Air Foil, Rigid Air Foil, and Round Hole.
Easy to Set
Spring loaded indexed handles allow precise settings for optimum louver openings and air flow to match specific crop and harvest conditions. The special indexed handle makes it easy to return to the same setting.
Longer Lasting
Nylon adjustment arms and cushions in each wire hole improve adjustments and reduce friction, wear, and breakage. Square front and rear tubes and welded in dividers add rigidity and strength to the frame.
Easy too Repair
Individual replacement louvers, nylon parts and wires make repairs easy - no need for torching and welding. Simply pull out the friction-fit wire, insert replacement parts and tap the wire back in place.
Adjustment Arm Clip
Nylon Adjustment Arm
Nylon Bushing
Chaffer Wire
Adjustable Air Foil Louver
Blunt Finger Louver
Short Finger Louver
Long Finger Louver
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